Master’s Degree

Master of Science in Welding Engineering


Program code: 15.04.01

Language: English

Master of Science in Welding Engineering is a two-year program designed for students who have a four-year Bachelor degree in Engineering. This course will provide you with fundamental understanding of the welding technologies and expertise in recent technical developments within the relevant industry. It will also improve your communication, presentation, analytical and problem solving skills.

The joining technologies continue to expand being used in construction, oil, gas, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and pipe industries.

Welding is one of the joining technologies which enables to manufacture a wide range of products by using classical welding processes (MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG) and special welding operations (laser and robotics).

All our projects are industrially linked and involve new scientific developments.

Our graduates are highly sought after by Russian and international companies who use the welding and joining technologies.



Course details

General Courses

  • Russian as a foreign language
  • Culturology
  • History and methodology of science and technology
  • The philosophy of technical sciences
  • Supercomputer modeling of technical devices and processes
  • Design of experiments

The Main Program

  • Theoretical foundations of welding and surfacing
  • Theoretical foundations of fusion welding
  • Metallurgy of welding
  • Welding engineering equipment
  • Welding robots
  • Additive and laser technologies
  • CAD in welding
  • Welding stresses and strains
  • Special methods for obtaining of welded joints

Computer Programs

The modern software ESI SYSWELD and ANSYS allows simulation of the welding processes and mechanical behavior of the welded joints


The faculty is equipped with laboratories supporting the study process.

The laboratory equipment enables to perform government and industrially-sponsored research projects.

The modern robotic system allows development of the welding procedures by programming a welding robot via the computer 3D-model of the welded joint.



The successful students will develop diverse and rewarding career in engineering management within a wide range of companies which use the welding technologies. The positions might include management of the welding manufacturing operations and management of design and fabrication of the welded structures.

The South Ural State University graduates develop successful career around the world in construction, oil, gas, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and pipe industries.




  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering
  • English (intermediate level)*
  • Tuition fee 3000 USD / year**

*English can be assessed by Faculty interview / or TOEFL IBT test  (score 60 or an equivalent result of a similar English test)

** Tuition fee can be effected by USD/Rub exchange rate


How to apply

For queries please contact


Industrial Partners

  • Trubodetal (AO OMK)
  • Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (MECHEL)
  • Chelyabinsk Forge and Press Plant
  • Industrial group JSC Konar
  • Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant
  • SMS group
  • ESAB
  • FANUC Robotics
  • KUKA